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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  July 29, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday july 29th. >> and breaking right now a train hit a person in northeast philadelphia this morning. it is causing a traffic issue as well. >> and police are investigating a high speed crash in kensington that injured several people. >> and a live look from sky6 at our temple university location. the heat and humidity is expected to get worse today. >> dave murphy it sounds like it's really going to be a scorcher and matt you're in for karen taking a look at traffic. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. and it is going to be a scorcher today. as we run through the day look for hazy sunshine and we're looking at a heat index up around a hundred and highs in the mid 90's. matt pelman we've got a missing keyboard here so i can't get my graphics up but we'll talk much more about all of this in a couple minutes. >> sounds like a mystery but we'll find it i'm sure. good morning david, good morning, everybody. live looking at the big picture talking about a few issues including plenty of
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overnight construction. the good news at this hour it's in the process of clearing. everything reopened along 95 northbound between bridge street and the cottman avenue interchange. we're getting reports of a crash right behind the barnes foundation at 20th and callowhill much that's a good intersection to avoid at this point and not so far away don't forget that they're in from -- the ramp from spring garden street to the westbound schuylkill is closed for about the next week. that of course because of construction but all the overnight work on 76, the schuylkill expressway has cleared out. erin is going to tell us more about this awful accident in northeast philadelphia involving a person that was struck by a train. medical chopper was on the scene and early this morning grant avenue and welsh road are closed basically between krewstown road and bustleton avenue. if i were you i would stay on 63 red lion road to get around that. also a crash by the montgomery church of pennsylvania along morris road at wentz church road. watch out for that intersection this morning and overnight construction in south jersey is in the process of clearing out. gone already from 42 and on
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295 northbound they were scheduled until 5 o'clock, so they too, should be in the process of picking up their cones. matt. >> okay, matt, thanks so much. breaking this morning three people were hurt in a high speed crash in philadelphia's kensington section. this is what it looked like with the aftermath at f street and allegheny avenue. police say the defer was speeding on allegheny at 1:30 this morning, hit another vehicle at that intersection a man and a woman were injured in that car. they were taken to the hospital and are in serious but stable condition. the driver of the striking vehicle was also hurt. he is now being tested for driver under the influence. and this is new. a double shooting critically injured two men in delaware. the action cam was on the 300 block of martin drive in the collins park development of new castle. police on the scene were focused on the garage area of this house. both men were shot several times just past midnight reason being treated at the hospital. we are awaiting more details on what led to this from
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investigators. >> it is 5:02. into information on brazen robber who carjacked a priest in south jersey last month. yesterday police arrested the mandy picketed in this surveillance video dressed as a construction worker. he has been identified as 27-year-old donald heart. he's pleased to be the man who held up a rite-aid pharmacy in haddonfield and logan township. also he's accused of carjacking that retired priest. heart is being held in lieu of bail. "action news" is in west chester as things-year-old nurse carolyn howett was arrested. she allegedly stole morphine and ambien from a nursing facility where she worked for 15 years. administrators notified law enforcement earlier this year when they noticed medication was missing. >> a philadelphia judge sentenced nicky scarfo jr. to 30 years behind bars. the son of the former philadelphia mob boss was convicted a year ago of conspiring to take over a publicly held financial firm in texas and of defrauding shareholders out of
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$12 million. three of scarfo's co-defendant will be sentenced later this week. >> the use of body cameras is expanding in new jersey to allstate troop. acting attorney general john hoffman announced the plan yesterday. he says it will cost the garden state two and a half million dollars to equip all troopers with the body cameras. some tropines south jersey are already using them and say they can be a useful tool in controversial cases. it will take about a year to outfit the thousand state troopers with these cameras. >> local doctors have achieved a medical first in helping an eight-year-old boy who lost his limbs to an infection. (applause). children's hospital of philadelphia introduced zion harvey as the first child to receive a double hand transplant. zion walked with prosthetic legs and adapted to not having hands but doctors felt they could improve his life with a transplant. he received two hands in a 10-hour operation earlier this
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month. >> to put all the parts back together so that not only would they look like hands but eventually function like hands. >> zion is now undergoing hours of rigorous therapy every day to gain movement. he showed he can already move his fingers a little. doctors say zion's new hands will grow with him but they cannot predict by how much. >> wow. >> that's amazing: love that. >> what an age we live in, hm. >> yeah. >> storm tracker6 live double scan shows us that there's no precipitation out there this morning but as we take a look outside the big story today is going to be the combination of heat and humidity and how excessive it's going to feel. there's sky6 down the shore looking north along the ac coastline and obviously it is a little bit on the hazy side there right now at this early hour but very muggy across the region. 79 degrees in philadelphia, 69 in allentown currently, 68 in reading. 74 in wilmington and 73 in trenton.
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two issues today: the first an excessive heat warning which is right in the center counties across the region. this goes from noon until 6 o'clock tonight. and heat index values up around 100 as i said a couple minutes ago so definitely a day to take all those heat precautions. we have an air quality alert code orange ozone action day across the central portion of the region as well. future tracker six shows you early sunshine will transition to patchy clouds. like yesterday there's the chance of little pop-up sprinkle or shower. i think most of the day is dry for most of you and the big issue is going to be that heat combined with the humidity. in allentown going for a high of 94. probably feeling like it's in the upper 90's in the lehigh valley. hot and humid. down the shore you can get some relief, 86 in the water but once again today we do have there chance of rip currents so you'll want to swim next to the lifeguards and follow their direction. in philadelphia a high of 94, hot and humid conditions and there is that heat index making it feel like it's about 100 during the height of the afternoon heating. winds southwest at five to
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10 miles per hour. so not much relief from that. temperatures are going to climb pretty quickly. we're already up close to 80 by 8 o'clock and then by 11 o'clock, 87 and we spend the afternoon in the 90's with that high of 94 around 3:30 or 4 o'clock this afternoon. obviously this is a day for all of those heat tips. cool drinks, ac. if you tone have ac you want to run fans and open the windows. senior citizens in particular are very susceptible to this heat so play by the rules and if you're going to be out in the car be careful about leaving kids and pets in the car. this is one of those days where you can get into a lot of trouble if you're rushed and you forget about that. and for pets keep them indoors and hydrated. if you do walk the dog the pavements are hot. evening walks are better or keep them on the grass or in the shade. future tracker six shows you the next issue. we'll have a cold front that will sweep this humidity away but we'll pay for it with afternoon and evening drenching showers and thunderstorms and some of this could produce gusty damaging winds. again, that would be tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. your exclusive accuweather
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seven days, 94 with excessive heat and humidity today. gusty afternoon thunderstorms tomorrow, a high of 90 and then friday and saturday and maybe sunday as well if we're lucky still going to be hot but we are looking at the potential anyway for much less humidity and overall more comfortable conditions. it's really that heat, humidity combination that gives you the big of the trouble. another thunderstorm possible early next week. >> okay, thank you david. and turning now to some breaking news coming to us out of northeast philadelphia. an incident involving a man trapped under a train is having an impact on traffic right now. "action news" reporter erin o'hearn is live there at the scene grant avenue and welsh road and erin, you were updated on the situation there just minutes ago. what can you tell us? good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam. we do have some breaking deal tails. just minutes ago police did confirm to us that rescue crews did in fact free that 46-year-old man who was trapped under the train that you see behind me. that's a freight train with a tropicana logo there. this all happened around 2:45
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this morning. so he's -- he was trapped there for a few hours. a surgical team was actually called to the track and we're told had to amputate his leg in order to free him from underneath the train. right now he's being transported to aria torresdale in critical condition. however, police did tell us that he was alert during the rescue effort. now, again police say this is a 46-year-old man but they do not know his name or why exactly he was on the tracks this early in the morning. and this happened on the 1600 block of grant avenue right near welsh road and as you mentioned, tam this area is semi blocked off while police continue to clear the area and the investigation continues on the tracks and police just gave us an update minutes ago. take a listen. >> the operation is over now. of course, until the police finish their investigation, i believe the train is still going to be where it's at for about another hour or so until they finish their investigation. then we'll open it all back up
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again. >> reporter: so, we are seeing some traffic go through this area but again, that train is going the remain there while they start the investigation. police tell us it should be about an hour or so but again that 46-year-old man who was trapped under that train since about 2:45 this morning has been freed. he is on his way to aria torresdale and we'll of course keep you updated on his condition and the investigation here in northeast philadelphia. for now we're live in northeast philadelphia, erin o'hearn, channel6 "action news." back to you. >> okay, erin thank you for all of those details. it is now 5:10. there's much more to come here on "action news." two brothers from oklahoma come home from day care with severe sun burns. now that day care is under investigation. >> a gop candidate for president stops in south philadelphia for a cheesesteak and proves he does not understand the proper way to do it. matt. >> good morning, matt. we're live here along woodhaven road close to route 13. a lot of paving work going on in this area these days but no construction crews out here right now. we're looking okay. we'll check in with the blue route, talk about construction
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on the northeast extension and a problem in montgomery county after the break. >> a phillies pitcher is headed to a rival and trade rumors swirl around another pitcher. "action news" continues in just a moment. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> good morning everyone. 5:13. it is wednesday, taking a live look at center city. it's 77 degrees right now even worse than yesterday. high temperature 94, more humidity. >> let's head on over to matt pelman see what it looks like if you're trying to get in from the suburbs. good morning. >> good morning. my thought is though i complain a lot over the winter about the really cold weather so i'm not going to complain
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these days but it definitely is a little toasty out there already this morning and we are watching that issue that erin o'hearn has been updating us on in northeast philadelphia. the accident involving the pedestrian and the train and erin was just saying some traffic is squeezing by along grant avenue and welsh road but i think it's probably best to still avoid the area let the emergency crews out there do their work. it's all shut down basically between krewstown roads and bustleton avenue by the sleepy's. i think your best bet this morning is to stay up on grant -- the stay up on route 63 red lion road instead of grant and welsh. let's get now out to the suburbs and see how things are looking in our suburban traffic report early on this had you ever been day morning. plymouth meeting blue route 476 headlights coming southbound towards the schuylkill expressway. watch out we're getting reports of a broken down vehicle along the ramp from the blue route southbound to the schuylkill eastbound. but you can squeeze by that. meanwhile on the northeast extension i told you about construction both ways near quakertown. that has cleared out so check
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that one off the list. no need to worry about that anymore n montgomery county we have a crash early this morning along morris road at wentz church road. mercer county still overnight construction going on for about the next 45 minutes along 295 both ways between sloane avenue and route one. you've got one lane out of commission both ways. and in northern delaware don't forget that as of yesterday basically for the rest of the yearwood lawn road is shut down between thompson's bridge road and rocky run boulevard by the red lobster a good spot to avoid for the rest of the year really. time for the commuter report brought to you by the waze app. let's see what's cooking as we head outside this morning. getting a couple alerts from our friends using the app. a pothole along 95 southbound close to the vine street expressway. watch out for that and we'll check it again matt in just a few minutes. >> thank you, matt. new this morning here in oklahoma a day care where two siblings were sunburned is closed and the subject of state session. seven-year-old connor harvey and his five-year-old brother
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tray are hospitalized with second and third degree burns. their mother says the day care took the boys to a water park on friday and allowed them outside all day without any sunscreen or a shirt. the boys were covered in giant blisters which are two graphic to show. the day care has since been closed. it has earned 19 complaints with dhs in the last 10 months. >> one of the many gop candidates for president stopped in south philadelphia. scott walker took up the tradition of visiting pat's and geno's. he's the governor of wisconsin, the cheese capitol. he remembered john kerry wanting swiss on top of his cheesesteak so what did mr. walker go wit. >> cheesesteak american cheese no onions. >> walker sat with voters chatted up policy over lunch signed autographs and posed for pictures. governor walker is running on top in the latest iowa polls
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but he's part of a crowded republican race for the nomination. the gop field includes 16 candidates and that's just all we've got right now. >> the phillies and the blue jays wrap up their two game series tonight in toronto. pitcher jerome williams will start. cody asche drove in two runs. the phillies three to two victory was their ninth in 10 games since the all-star break. the phillies traded jonathan papelbon to the nationals for a minor league pitching prospect. papelbon exits after three and a half seasons in philadelphia and levers as the phillies all time saves leader. espn says the phillies have told teams interested in cole hamels to submit their best offers by today. up top eight teams have shown interest. the trade deadline is friday at 4:00 p.m. >> it will be interesting to see how this all ends. it is 5:17. coming up on "action news" time for health check. why snoring can be a big problem for children. >> another barrier has been broken in the nfl and for women in sports.
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david. >> this is definitely a day where people are going to want to go to the pool or the beach or somewhere cool but be sure you remember the sunscreen is. it's going to be fairly sunny with patchy clouds and also very oppressively humid out there. so, cool drinks important. will even if you're just by pool side. i'll be back with your day planner forecast and check out national weather for those of you traveling.
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>> a fearless photographer went to great heights for the perfect shot. chopper six followed along yesterday as gavin ferrell scaled the spire of the liberty one skyscraper in center city philadelphia. he climbed to the very peek to take pan ram mas that be used in the observation deck now being built below his feet. ferrell of course shot a selfie while he was 945 feet above ground. >> wow. >> unbelievable. >> wow. better him than me. >> no thank you. i don't even have a bad fear of heights but that's pretty high.
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>> that's high. >> mass transit reminder for you if you ride the 36 trolleys you probably got used to this yesterday but you're now on the buses between 73rd and elmwood and 80th and eastwick. that's going through saturday morning. it's because of penndot construction happening along island avenue and obviously obviously the shuttle busing continues on the 101 and 102 until labor day weekend. and the construction continues all this week in camden. they're tearing down the old commerce building so federal street and broadway both remain closed and mlk boulevard and haddon avenue some alternates. the good news is if you're on foot you can still get to the walter rand transportation center. david. >> excessive heat and humidity across the region today especially in the center counties bordering i-95. 83 by 9 o'clock. we're already very humid and in the 70's. 89 by noon. and today's high is going to be 94 probably around 3:30 or 4 o'clock but it's going to feel like it's 100 because of the high humidity and we do have that excessive heat warning in effect from noon until 6:00 in the center counties across the region. air quality is also an issue.
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if you're traveling across the country the best chance of severe weather later this afternoon would be from areas around indianapolis, cincinnati ohio, down through louisville kentucky, nashville memphis and down to the coast including new orleans and much of the panhandle of florida. everybody else looking tranquil and as you look at the airport right now it's all green aircraft. again, those severe weather problems probably later this afternoon. no major delays in any of our most frequently traveled destinations. matt and tam. >> thank you david. does your child snore? experts say considering the possible health consequences you might want to find out. as many as one in 20 children snore when they sleep. and it can get in the way of the sleep they need. memory and iq can suffer as a result and at its worst snoring could mean sleep apnea apnea. stopping it can improve your child's behavior and schoolwork. >> 5:22. up next in your morning buzz the groundbreaking move in the
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nfl. >> first tup, here's america's money. >> good morning, everybody. topping america's money southwest airlines sticking with bags fly free. >> the company ceo says southwest started charging for passengers first two bags it would lose market share. >> southwest appears to be doing just fine without these fees. it's now had nine straight quarters of record earnings. now is probably the best time for you to sell that old iphone. >> resale values drop in september and october. that's the when apple usually releases new iphones. if you wait until later in the fall you could loss as much as 30 percent of the phone's secondary market value. and finally one of michael jackson's white sequinned gloves goes on sale tomorrow. the bids start at $20,000. >> it will probably go higher than. that another one of his white gloves was sold for $350,000 in 2009 and that was just months after jackson's death. >> and that's america's money. have a great day.
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trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪ >> major world thinkers are warning of a global arms race involving artificial intelligence. some favor the construction of so-called killer robots because their use in the battlefield could save human lives. steven hawking and steve wozniak have joined hundreds of others to warn that unlike nuclear weapons once artificial intelligence robots are developed they would be easy to mass produce. plus they warn they could be sold on the black-market.
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>> something out of a sci-fi movie. in the buzz we're talking about the nfl and the fact they have their first female coach. and she's quite a lady. the arizona cardinals announced the team has added jen welter to the coaching staff. she'll work with inside line backers and coach throughout training camp and the preseason as an intern. this isn't her first time making history in sports. she was the first woman to play running back for the texas revolution of the indoor football league. she was hired by the revolution to coach line backers and special teams and became the first female coach in a men's professional football league. she knows her stuff. >> i'm sure she's tough. accident news will be right back with what vandals did to a columbus statue in south jersey. >> septa has a plan for selling those pope visit passes after high demand caused their web site to crash. we'll tell you what you need to do. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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>> ♪♪ >> breaking overnight, traffic is being halted in a part of northeast philadelphia where a man was struck by a moving train and actually survived. >> the search is on for the
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american dentist who killed cecil a beloved african lion. talk show host jimmy kimmel weighed in and got emotional. hear his rant coming up. >> mother nature is turning up the heat for a second day in a row. it will feel even worse than yesterday. >> good morning, i guess. here at 5:30 on this wednesday july 29th. karen is off. let's head over to dave murphy to talk about that heat and matt pelman has your traffic. good morning. >> unfortunately we do have issues today. the first is the heat as we have an excessive heat warning in effect across all of the central counties in the region. heat indexes this afternoon or i should say heat indices this afternoon will go up to about 100 degrees, that's how hot it will feel. high temperatures getting up to the low to mid 90's across the region and again this is from noon today until 6:00 when that heat and humidity combination will be at its worst. we have a code orange air quality alert across most of the region not just new jersey like yesterday and this means that those of in you sensitive groups senior citizens young kids and those who suffer from heart and lung prob


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